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Change Control Management

Adeo have been heavily involved in commercial turnaround of many forms of contract where change has been prevalent. Even more so on projects using the NEC suite of contracts.

The principles of managing change to form a cohesive, cost effective and commercially efficient service, is strict adherence to the Form of Contract, ever more so with the NEC.

At Adeo we are used to making an appraisal of the key areas that need addressing, be it at commencement or at a time when change has become out of control. Adeo are able to apply their expertise to facilitate change within the commercial department and to provide resources to implement change and effective management to get project back on track.

Services Offered:-

  • Review new project pre commencement
  • Training and strategy implementation
  • On site coordination and management of processes and procedures
  • On site resource secondment to undertake the process
  • Liaison, close out and negotiation of Quantum of change


  • Allows clients key staff to be more effective in managing the actual build / construction
  • Flexible and cost effective utilisation of resources
  • Cost recovery in certain areas and under certain Forms

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